Sunday, August 31, 2008

Plant lady

Thinking of adding a new character to the Checklist and females are always good. I had this idea for a plant creature. I heard a theory that plants all have a kind of genetic memory past from plant to seed to plant to seed. So this sort of takes that and adds a little Pheonix rising from the ashes concept. It'll be a creature that every time it dies it's reborn. Each reincarnation holds the seed for the next generation. It's a cool idea and makes it so, if i get bored with the design, i can change it with the next generation.

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sandy223 said...

Yellow squash. We've had a little trouble with blossom-end rot, but overall these are a much greater success than they were last year (when they mostly just rotted). We have tons of blossoms, so I'm guardedly hopeful.
Sandy Romeo